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Featured Speakers

26 – 28 September 2018 | Berlin, Germany

As power requirements for onboard systems grow and strict emission regulations particularly in the EU and China need to be met, 48V technology is seen an intelligent solution for closing the gap between 12 volt network and the high voltage network required by electric vehicles.

In comparison to 12V the more powerful 48V systems enable a significant reduction of CO2 in mild hybrids, because of fuel efficiency gains. Since each OEM must comply with fleet-wide fuel economy standards. 48V systems deliver the features to keep up with future emission legislation. Functions with more enhanced and reliable performance can be integrated into the vehicle as auxiliaries. New functions such as chassis features, interior aircondtion, heating features, electric turbocharging etc. are possible to be smartly powered by the 48V power supply.

Event Overview

The international conference Next Generation 48V in Automotive addresses latest developments and critical information on technical advancements in mild electric vehicle technologies with special focus on 48V technology as well as the business decisions surrounding development and implementation. In addition it offers attendees the possiblity to get in dialogue with industry experts and technology specialists of the entire mild hybrid supply chain to keep updated in terms of technology transfer on a sophisticated international level. It will provide you with current and future hybrid vehicle technology advances.

During this two day conference you will

  • get to know new features of 48V systems
  • learn about latest achievements on 48V architectures
  • be up-dated on 48V standardization
  • identify innovative energy storage and managements systems in mild hybrids
  • gain insight into 48V market specifics and trends
  • discuss future 48V subsystems
  • assess saftey aspects of 48V implementation
  • network with leading hybrid-electric vehicle engineers from OEMs and corresponding supplier companies who are advancing the 48V technology

What will you gain?

  • 14+ presentations
  • Free catering during the conference
  • Conference dinner
  • Presentation documentation
  • Networking sessions
  • Free access to the exhibition area
  • Best speaker award


Workshop A: Latest update and experiences on 48V standardization
Workshop B: ISO 26262 in the context of 48V technology
Workshop C: Next generation energy storage for 48V power supply systems
Workshop D: New functions and components of 48V network in automotive